Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Camera's First Christmas

In exchange for my undergraduate degree, my parents gave me a digital camera - a big deal to the person who left for a semester in England with a pack of disposable cameras. No need to pity - I was steadfast in my rejection of digital cameras, believing that they bewitch their users into experiencing things through a lens, thinking only of who would see the photos and what they would think, meanwhile forgetting to be fully present and experience the world for themselves. I still believe this to an extent, but in the last year or so I've found there is one thing with which I take no issue pausing to capture: food. Until now I've been harboring delicious images in the only device I owned with a viewfinder, modest as it may be: my cell phone. The pictures were actually pretty decent, but I had no way of transferring them to my computer to share with all. And so I gave in. A digital camera it would be.

The little Olympus Stylus conveniently made its way into the palm of my hand in the week before Christmas - the baking week. I became quite friendly with my new camera this past week, keeping it at arm's length and handling it with floured or sticky hands when there just wasn't time to wash them first.

So here are some of the bits and pieces of my Christmas at home in St Cloud, MN.

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