Monday, February 7, 2011

Chocolate Cupcakes with Marshmallow Frosting

Cupcakes. Nine posts into my baking blog and I am only now beginning to talk about cupcakes. Well, let me set the record straight: I think cupcakes are the tops. Maybe I'm just being taken for a ride by the cupcake bandwagon that has been in town for about a year now - have you noticed? they're quite trendy - but I have a difficult time imagining a more charming, compact and downright fun dessert. To unwrap a cupcake is to call it your own, like a packaged gift with a delightful bow.

On that note, we took to my sister Caitlin's kitchen in celebration of her 28th birthday and to inaugurate the baking career of her spanking new KitchenAid, the alpha tool in a baker's kitchen. It stood proud in all its shiny red glory as we baptized it with the first ingredients of butter and sugar. We switched the lever to speed 6 of 10. Welcome.

We sampled one cupcake warm from the oven - moist and chocolatey, though the three tablespoons of brewed coffee didn't seem to make it through the baking process - and saved the rest for the marshmallow frosting. The topping was essentially sugar and egg white, fluffed up to ten times its original volume. I consider this the true debut of the kitchen's newest addition:

Well done. To be honest, I felt a bit lazy during the whole process, revealing my only qualm with a mixer that can take on virtually any task. I enjoy the action of stirring and whipping and kneading; it's a huge part of why I love to bake. One thing a KitchenAid absolutely cannot do? Frost and decorate. And thank goodness for that.

Happy Birthday to a wonderful sister : )

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  1. thanks for documenting my baby's was a special day :) Amazing work, delightful writing, well done!